Founded by Quay “Kain” Weston

Vision: To increase education, art, and tech based activism to inspire social change.

Who are we?

The Enoch Coalition is an education, art, and tech agency focused on community awareness.

What do we do?

Through collaborative efforts of individuals and organizations, we provide creative services for brands and businesses and educate communities. As a product of the community, we lead service & outreach initiatives as requested.

Current Work: Annual Pantego Alumni Homecoming Showcase, The Brotherhood Breakfast (Greensboro), Clothing Drives, Disaster Relief Drives.

Future Initiatives: Annual Festival, The Hunger 2 Read Project, Back to School Supply Drives, Paint & Process, AgriCULTURE Farming Experiences, Financial Literacy Workshops, Health & Wellness Classes, Zumba & Personal Training, Visual Art Workshops, Graphic Design/Coding Workshops, Know Your Rights Workshops, etc.

What is our goal?

- To establish communities that utilize a shared love for education, art, and tech to create social change and provide opportunities. 

- Provide groups of experienced individuals to serve as a resource for support and reinforce the need for community cohesiveness.

- Ensure the continuation of a cycle that nurtures the growth of future innovative leaders.

 If you would like more information on The Enoch Coalition please fill in the form below or email enochcoalition@gmail.com.

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