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This is your one stop shop for all things Education Art & Technology! On this podcast we center the voices of folks doing amazing work in their respective communities. Grab a seat. Get fed — because nourishment is necessary.

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Code The Dream

I am currently learning web/software development through a non-profit in Durham, NC - Code The Dream. This is a personal development project for myself. My goal is to leverage my new skills in code/development to increase the visibility of minority founders & businesses in the mobile marketplace. I also aim to find innovative ways to include tech in hip-hop and artistic spaces. Best of all, it’s FREE. Check them out:

“Code the Dream offers free intensive training in software development to people from diverse low-income backgrounds. The ultimate aim of Code the Dream is to create a unique win-win, where our coders gain real experience building apps that make the world a little better place, and then use that experience to launch new careers with enormous opportunity for themselves, their families, and their communities.” -


The Brotherhood Breakfast

As 1/4th of the organizing team for the Brotherhood Breakfast, this project is to center voices and experiences of black men to create new analysis, vision, and accountability practices for us in our communities. This space is open to men of all ages, shapes, sizes, experiences. Register for the breakfast and join us in Greensboro…don’t worry, food is provided at no cost to you.